May - June 2013

During the month of May, our church held a Mother’s Day tea with more than 30 ladies in attendance. Many of the ladies were visitors.and heard a clear presentation of the Gospel. The ladies of the church did a wonderful job decorating and preparing food.
The Bible Club has been going well. We continue to see new children come out each week. We have been seeing children come to Christ on a regular basis as well. The Bible Club has opened up a number of opportunities to witness to the parents. We will be putting on a program on Saturday, July 13th.for the parents. Please pray that many of the parents would attend.
Graziele is one of the moms we have met through the Bible Club. Ingrid started a Bible study.with her on May 13th. On June 17th, she had the privilege of leading her to the Lord. Graziele has a daughter, Samyra, and a brother, Matheus, that come to Bible Club on Saturdays. Please pray for the salvation of Samyra’s father.
Please continue to pray for our tract distribution. We want to thank the churches and individuals who have given specifically for tracts. If you would like to contribute to our tract fund, please mark the offering “Tracts for Brazil”.
Thank you for your continued prayers. We are grateful for the many folks who lift us up in prayer. I was reminded recently of a quote about prayer, “All our problems are prayer problems.”. We serve a big God who can meet all of our needs.