Brief Testimony of Tim Ingram     
I was saved at the age of five. God began dealing with me about my need to be saved while I was attending a Christian school. One day after school, my mother led me to the Lord. I did not grow much in the Lord until I was eighteen. At the age of eighteen, I joined the Marine Corps. The Marine Corps sent me to Redstone Arsenal in Alabama for training. It was during this time that I started attending Madison Baptist Church. I grew tremendously during the next year and a half under the preaching of Dr. Mike Allison. After my training at Redstone Arsenal, the Marine Corps sent me to Yuma, Arizona. I was actively involved in a local church during my time in Yuma. After getting out of the Marine Corps, I enrolled in Southeastern Fundamental Baptist College. Southeastern Fundamental Baptist College is a ministry of Madison Baptist Church. I was married to my wife, Ingrid on August 14th, 1998. After four years of Bible College, I became the youth director at Madison Baptist Church.

Brief Testimony of Ingrid Ingram

My wife was raised in the Church of Christ.  She joined the Army after high school and was sent to Augsburg, Germany one year later.  She attended Faith Baptist Church for about a month.  When she went to Pastor Rick Kelley to ask about membership, he asked her about being saved.  Of course, none of her answers were correct.  She decided to read her Bible on her own and find out what the Bible had to say about salvation, baptism, and eternal security.  In November of 1991, while reading in her barracks room, she came to Ephesians 2:8-9 and trusted Christ.  She moved to Alabama to attend Madison Baptist Church in June of 1995.

Call to Missions

During the summer of 2004, my wife and I took a mission trip to the country of Brazil. It was during this time that God opened my eyes to the great need and the tremendous opportunity. There are scores of cities with no church at all and God has called us to plant churches in these cities.

Ministry Experience

My wife and I taught at Madison Baptist Academy for five years. I served as the Youth Director at Madison Baptist Church from June 2001 to March 2005. God blessed our ministry with souls being saved and young people surrendering for full time service. We have been serving in Brazil since December 2007.