January - February 2013

This year, our goal is to pass out over 100,000 tracts in the city of Arcos, and in surrounding cities. So far we have passed out over 10,000 tracts. If you would like to contribute to our tract fund, please mark your offering “Brazil Tracts”. It is more economical for us to purchase tracts here than to have them shipped in.

The church is doing well. Since we started passing out tracts, we have seen a number of visitors. Many of them will arrive with the tract in hand. We have been able to cover the entire city once, and we should cover the city a second time by the end of March. We will be expanding into other cities in the coming months. We will include a website on the tract for them to receive more information and for them to contact us.

Last Saturday, the entire church came out for an all-day tract event. We went out for three periods, once in the morning and twice in the afternoon. Although it was very hot, our folks were strong. The church was able to pass out over 5000 tracts in one day. Praise the Lord.

The church has also set a goal of raising R$6,000 toward a building. Please pray that our folks would be challenged to give. It is a large amount for our small church. We believe that God can provide for this need.

In March we will be starting a Bible club in our home. Our house is close to a park, and we have been able to meet many of the children in our neighborhood. Please pray for us as we try to reach them and, through them, reach their families.

Thank you for your support, both prayer and financial. We couldn’t serve here without both! If you would prefer to receive our prayer letter via e-mail instead of or in addition to regular mail, just send us an e-mail letting us know!